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Symposium Themes

This year’s Themes are detailed below, please select which Theme your presentation/poster fits under:

  1. Why CCUS is vital in Australia
  2. CCUS – Reducing the cost of Transport, Compression and Storage
  3. Capture solutions for hard to abate process emissions
  4. Utilisation,
    • fuel conversion
  5. Next generation technologies:
    • BECCS
    • DAC
    • Breakthrough Capture
  6. Hydrogen supply chain (production, transport & storage) coupled with CCUS.
  7. Incentivising CCUS in Australia

Call for Papers

  • Achievements & Lessons learnt on Major CO2CRC Projects
    • Novel Monitoring Techniques – Otway Stage 3
    • Fibre Optics Advancements
  • Reducing Storage Costs
    • Effective storage appraisal and development
    • Effective Storage Monitoring
    • Dynamic Storage Modelling
  • Reducing Capture Cost
    • Modularising Carbon Capture
    • Gas separation and CO2 capture
    • Hybrid CO2 separation
  • Industrial applications of CO2 capture
  • Clusters, Network and Hubs, successful examples and opportunities in Australia

  • Negative Emissions
    • Biorefinery
    • Direct Air Capture
  • CO2 Utilisation
    • EOR
    • Fuel conversion
    • EGR & ECBM
  • H2 geological storage for Australia
  • Techno-economics & Life Cycle Analysis
  • Breakthrough Capture Technologies
  • Policy, Regulations & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Economics

Paper Submission

Submission Form

Abstract Template


Abstracts should be submitted via CO2CRC’s Publication Tracking System (PTS) and have gone through all review stages prior to the deadline.

For those submitting an abstract without a login to the PTS please send your abstract to:

Deadline: 23 August 2021

Review and Acceptance

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) will assess and select the abstracts, based on the technical input from the Expert Panel, and allocate the selected abstracts for oral or poster presentations. Authors may indicate their preference upon submission of their abstract but the final decision or selection to oral or poster will be made by the TSC with technical input from the Expert panel made up from a number of technical experts covering the range of themes and sub themes that make up the CO2CRC CCUS Symposium.


You will receive notification of your paper acceptance for oral or poster by 27 September 2021, rejected papers will also be notified at this time. If the paper is accepted, you will need to have the final copy of your oral presentation or poster reviewed and approved in the PTS by 8 November 2021.


For assistance with the abstract submission process, please contact:

Draft Program


There will be two additional workshops at this year’s Symposium:

1. Application of Novel Monitoring Technologies for Storage Cost Reduction – Monday 22 November 1pm – 5pm

2. TBC – Thursday 25 November 8am -11:30am

More details will be provided in due course

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